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Friday, July 22, 2011

Chinese Model Sun Yi Fei

Chinese Model  Sun Yi Fei sexy bikini
Sun Yi Fei  Profile:
Name:Sun Yi Fei
Other Name(s): Sun Yifei, Babydoll
Origin: China
Born: 16 January
Height: 170cm
Weight: 44kg
Measurements: 31-24-32
Occupation: model, actress

Super Model  Sun Yi Fei

Sun Yi Fei: She is a pretty Chinese babe, who’s oozing with sexy appeal with a banging hot body. She’s a model and actress who is currently based in Beijing, China. Also known as Babydoll, she’s been in a lot of modeling competitions, beauty contests and has appeared in various Chinese TV commercials and music videos.

Chinese Actress  Sun Yi Fei

Chinese Model  Sun Yi Fei
Chinese Model  Sun Yi Fei

Super Model Zhao Ming

Zhao Ming sexy woman in the Shanghai Auto Show:

SHANGHAI - One of the triggers a flood of visitors at the Shanghai Auto Show 2011 (SAS) this time can not be separated from the ingenuity of exhibitors who raise the beautiful models. This fact can not be covered. Moreover, media in China and the world participate rollicking publishes beautiful faces in attendance at each booth participant.

The one that makes China the public flocked to witness the biggest automotive exhibition in Asia that is the emergence of Zhao Sun Yes, this figure is one of 10 women who was asked the media as the sexiest in China.

Zhao Ming, came from Urumqi, Xinjiang, appear in the SAS to accompany a body of a car company, this time featuring a luxury van. Zhao Ming, born 10 April 1977, is considered attractive because of large breasts.

In an interview with Chinese media, cast film Let The Bullets Fly had a chance to declare that all who possessed the body naturally.

Because the sexiness, the girl plays 164 cm and weighs 50 kg is often received offers photo ads for clothing products adalam. Almost every published photographs Sun look sexy. Some photos also show the Sun without clothes.

Super  Model Zhao Ming
Super  Model Zhao Ming

Chinese Actress Wang Yan

Chinese Actress Wang Yan

Wang Yan Profile:

Name: Wang Yan
Name English:  Rebecca
Birthdate: 11/2/1974

Birthplace: Chinese
Blood Tyle: O
Height: 167cm
Weight: 50kg

Activity: Actress 

 Actress Wang Yan
Chinese Actress Wang Yan

 Vuong diem

Chinese Actress Li Bing Bing

Li Bing Bing Profile:
Name:  Li Bing Bing
Also known as: Lee Bing Bing
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1976-Feb-27
Birthplace: Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg
Star sign: Pisces
Chinese zodiac: Dragon
Blood type: A
Family: Younger sister
Talent agency: HY.Brothers

Chinese Model Li Bing Bing

Chinese Actress Li Bing Bing
Chinese Actress Li Bing Bing