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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Latest And New Nail Polish Trends

Hands are one of the most important aspect that always need extra care and attention. By using different accessories, women can easily make their hands catchier and elegant for others. Apart of, fashion accessories, women also give their nails a specific shape and right nail polish to make their nails beautiful. There are countless nail art trends that are usually enhancing the beauty of hands. Nail art is very popular among girls and it will appear in next year 2017. The style and trends will be slightly changed but the nail polish trends will same in 2016. 

Bordeaux Nails:
Red nail color with the Bordeaux tones will be the hottest trend in 2016. You can also find the tone that are from the muted tones of red in the nail polish trends 2016.

Glittery Nails:
Glittery nail is one of the hottest trend now a days and will be appear in year 2016. This nail polish trends is not for casual wear but perfect for formal parties and wedding occasions.

Golden Nails:
Gold color will be a most prominent color of the year 2016. You will find it in clothes, fashion accessories and of course in nail polishes. You can find golden shades in nail trend to add elegant and bright touch to your hands. You can use golden nail polishes for prints and patterns and also for french manicure.

Metallic Shades:
Metallic shades allow you to get shiny fingernails. Metallic nail trend is a hottest trend in year 2016 and will be appear in next year to make your nails catchier and appealing.

Matching Colors:
Trends of matching nail color will appear in next year 2016. You can wear nail polish that is matchable with your clothes, accessories and shade of your lipstick.

Natural Nails:
One of the most noteworthy nail polish trends for 2016 is natural nail colors. You can make your appearance impressive by keeping your nails nude and natural. You can also use light shades that gives a natural look. You should have to keep your nails short or medium in length as well as the shape of your finger.

Lace Nails:
This is one of the hottest nail polish trends that you will pick for your nails in next year. You can use laces in checks or other innovative designs that you can create to make your nails chic and catchy.

Stripped Nails:
Striped nails will appear in next year. You have to know that this trend will create the illusion that your nails are longer than they really are. Stripes in vertical direction will be a hottest trend in year 2016.

Moon-Type Nails:
Moon-Type nails trend is presented by designers and will be a hottest nail polish trends 2016. You will find a wide variety of designs to allow you to choose to enhance the beauty of your hands.

Creative and Crazy Nails:
There are so many creative nail color trends will appear in year 2016. You can try different nail art for each nail to make your appearance crazy and funky. Using new techniques such as ombre and other creative ideas that you were not seen in year 2015.

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