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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hot And Trendy Legging Outfits For Girls - Photos And Ideas

How To Make Perfect Eyebrows At Home

Eyebrow makeup is part of facial makeup. It is included in eye makeup. There are different ways in which you can apply makeup on the eyebrows provided the method of applying is right.
Eyebrow makeup tutorials will help you guide how to apply mascara in the right way, put an eye liner on the edges of your eyelids, create a smokey eye, how to make use a foundation brush, how to shape your eyebrows, how to apply blush and cover up any acnes on the skin. With complete information present in most of the eyebrow makeup tutorials like the YouTube you can actually learn a lot. Only if you take it seriously. In most of the sites the eyebrow makeup tutorials provided are genuine and give out right information. All you have to do is switch on to the right tutorial and the one of your choice, what exactly are you looking for and then you should go for it.

Hot Girls Selfie Ideas and Photo

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Shahrukh Khan Fans all over the World

‘I am the king of the world’ the dialogue immortalized by actor Leonardo DiCaprio was seen once again coming back to life when Bollywood’s quintessential romantic hero, SRK repeated the same in his 2007 blockbuster movie, ‘Om Shanthi Om’. Shah Rukh Khan or Abdul Rehman of the earlier days had it going tough until he finally got his Bollywood debut and embarked upon this journey from a stage actor to a television actor to finally becoming the ‘King of Bollywood’. Shah Rukh Khan, better known as SRK or King Khan got this title of the King of Bollywood initially after the release of the action-comedy movie titled ‘Baadshah’ in 1999. Soon after the release of Baadshah, SRK continued to produce a line of successful ventures and the blockbusters that followed left him the tag of the Baadshah or the KING. Soon SRK had become the ‘King Of Bollywood’ and King Khan was the name his fans and entourage worldwide used for their favorite actor.

Apart from the success achieved in the industry, SRK has got recognition and has won accolades at such an overwhelming amount that SRK’s success itself has become a case study for many. His brilliant marketing team and outstanding PR have for sure helped him stick to the title of the KING. Today, we will bring to you those ten moments out of many when SRK proved to be the ‘King Of Bollywood’.